mercredi 2 novembre 2016

Le maitre de l'encrage

Wally Wood est mort il y a 35 ans. Il avait 54 ans.

Crumb in mineshaft #26 (2012)
d'après une photo prise à New-York par Bhob Stewart en 1969 (?)

‘It was an afternoon in 1968. Woody said, “Bhob, let’s get something to eat.” We left the studio, went down the Berkley Hotel’s elevator and crossed the street to the hashhouse diagonally opposite the hotel. We sat down in a booth by the windows, making possible the kind of shot I could not get in the dimly lit studio. The café’s overhead lights and counter stools are the out-of-focus background to the right. He smiled when I aimed the camera, but then glanced away just before I snapped the shutter.’

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